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Made in the USA

Located in Saginaw MI, we are a machining company owned and operated by two generations of military veterans. We are proud to make customized parts right here in the USA. We expect to expand our design and color options in the future so stay tuned to see what we "Can do" for you!

We "Can do" Kustom engraving of your own design!

If you have a specific pattern you would like to see engraved on a cover or item simply E-mail us a JPEG copy of the image (best quality as possible) and we can give you a estimate for what your own personalized engraving would be! 

If you don't see what you want or would like a Kustom part made simply contact us with the information about the item you would like and we can get you a quote!

Thank you for checking out Kapex Kustom Parts! we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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